Window Tint-Why the TINT shop should be your first stop after purchasing a new vehicle

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Window Tint-Why the TINT shop should be your first stop after purchasing a new vehicle

Prior to the 1990's window tint was purely for aesthetics. It wasnt a very popular choice for new vehicle owners. It was in the 90's when a new film was created introducing the concept of "heat Rejection". The film was constructed of metal integrated with dye. This new “hybrid” film contained dye to absorb heat and metallic particles to reflect the sun’s rays, and therefore heat.

Fast forward a few years, the technology has gotten miles better. Now consumers make sure the tint shop is their first stop with a new vehicle. 

Since the creation of ceramic tint, there has been great improvement in the tint market. What is ceramic tint?

Ceramic tint is a special quality tint that maximizes your vehicles interior heat rejection. Why is heat rejection so important? The answer is quite simple, the sun is harmful ! It's UV rays are not only harmful to the human body but also to the interior/exterior of your vehicle.

For example exotic vehicles such as Ferrari's are known to have leather "lifting" issues due to the heat. 

This can all be prevented using XPEL XR/XR Plus window tint. This ceramic tint significantly lowers the heat in your vehicles cabin, therefore protecting your interior from the harmful sun

Here at Enthusiast Details, we offer two tint installation facilities for the East Coast. Both of our tint installation and paint protection shops are located in the Tri State area. We carry all Xpel paint protection and Xpel XR and Xpel XR plus window tint in stock at all times. Our shop works on an appointment basis. For our customers located in New York/ Westchester area, we have our first location conveniently located in Mamaroneck,NY. Just 25 minutes from Manhattan. 20 minutes from the George Washington Bridge and 15 minutes from the Throgs neck bridge and Whitestone bridge so even our long island and queens customers are never too far from a quality Tint job.

Please see our page for address and information. 

For Customers located in the New Jersey and Manhattan area. Our 2nd location is conveniently located in Clifton,NJ. Just a 20 minute drive from the George Washington bridge and 25 minute drive from the Lincoln tunnel.