Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coatings

Cquartz has been manufactured around the next generation technology by the most passionate and talented car care perfectionists. The technology and results given by Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coating is at the forefront of the industry. The principals used as guidance for the Cquartz program assure the installers enhance the quality, character, and look of their vehicle.

Setting the Standard

Cquartz Finest is always applied in a minimum of two layers. This creates a ceramic coating that is one hundred times thicker than your ordinary car wax. When applied, water will literally roll off of your vehicle with little to no effort. Cquartz finest does not only repel water. In fact, this product will resist dirt, brake dust, bird droppings, tar, and many more contaminants. Cquartz Finest is a coating that is sure to provide your vehicle with a showroom ready finish. As a certified installer of Cquartz finest Ceramic Coatings, Enthusiast Details can provide you with a near perfect application, every time. 

Glass-Like Finish

Traditional waxes and sealants may provide you with minor swirl resistance due to how thin the layers of the products are. Anytime your vehicle's paint comes in contact with any type of object, there is a risk for scratching and swirling. When maintained correctly, Cquartz Finest has been proven to resist fine scratches and swirls. Although Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coatings offers the best protection on the market, no coating is ever full scratch resistant. This is why we recommend staying away from installers who advertise a 100% scratch resistant application. For this reason, Enthusiast Details is one of the top 01% of detail shops who are certified for the application of Cquartz Finest.

The Process

Cquartz Finest is applied in 5 steps:

  1.  Remove Swirl marks, tar, dirt, brake dust & other contaminants
  2. Decontamination of the surface via iron remover & clay bar
  3. Paint correction will level the paint/clear coat and remove swirl marks & scratches
  4. Apply polish to provide a mirror finish
  5. Apply Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coating to protect, the paint, enhance the gloss finish, and repel contaminants

Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coatings

Extreme Protection

Cquartz has been thoroughly tested throughout the world to ensure it's performance and reliability in the harshest possible conditions. From arctic cold, to blazing summer, Cquartz Finest has proven itself worthy of car enthusiasts who want the very best in beauty and protection for their vehicles.

Benefits Include:

  • Gloss & depth for years to come
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quick Dry
  • Repels dirt, tar, and other contaminnats
  • Stain resistant
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Resists color fade 

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