XPEL Paint Protection Film


XPEL Paint Protection Film maintains the beauty and integrity of automotive finishes on vulnerable exterior surfaces. It helps protect your vehicle’s paint finish from harsh conditions that mar it. By applying this rugged, urethane film to high-impact areas, your vehicle is protected against stone chips, bug damage, abrasion and weathering. Xpel paint protection film is transparent and nearly invisible, and it does not alter vehicle appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do i care for my paint protection film?

“How long will the clear coat last?”

If the film is cared for properly, it can last virtually forever. Regularly washing and waxing your vehicle will keep the clear coat in top condition for years to come.

How deep a scratch will heal and how long will it take?
XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film uses a special polymer in its clear coat that flows even though it is cured. This allows the clear coat to reflect light naturally even after it has been disturbed on the surface.

How deep of a scratch will heal?

The clear coat is designed to heal surface scratches and common swirl marks that occur during routine washing of the car. If the scratch penetrates through the film’s clear coat and into the paint, it will not heal. Only a buff and polish will remove heavier scratches.

How long does it take for a scratch to heal?

The time for a scratch to heal depends on the severity of the scratch and the ambient temperature. Minor scratches usually heal in one hour at room temperature (72°F). In warmer climates, healing time will be shorter. The healing process can be accelerated at any time by pouring hot water over the scratched area.

“How do I wash the film? Can I use a quick detailer or detail spray?”

Yes, you may use any wash, wax, detailer, etc… As long as it does not contain high amounts of petroleum distillates such as naphtha or kerosene. Often times, a good detail spray is all you may need.

“Can I wax the film when I wax the rest of the car?”

Unlike most paint protection films on the market, XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection film can be waxed and sealed just like your paint. Any automotive wax or sealant may be used.

“Can I use a pressure washer, and how soon after install?”

Yes. But wait 48 hours after installation and be mindful of the edges as it could cause them to lift up.